Outdoor Education

As announced utilizing an EMMS Community Message to 6th Grade Families on October 5, 2021

Howard County Schools have held a long-standing tradition for sixth grade students taking part in Outdoor Education (ODE). Generally, students engage in a multi-night experience in an off-site campus geared towards team building, coming of age, and Science. Like with so many life activities and traditions, COVID has halted, altered, or delayed what have come to be considered norms, and ODE is no exception. HCPSS is evaluating new options for ODE given our current realities. Attached below is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding ODE. Please review for your information. In the coming weeks, I will share additional updates as I get them in a timely fashion. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Tina DeLuca (6th Grd Team Lrd) @ Tina_DeLuca@hcpss.org or Mr. Gaylord (Principal) @ Peter_Gaylord@hcpss.org.